Register here:

** NOTE **

COMPETITORS (and Parents):

Competitors must register and create a unique account at with for each competitor.

Parents can create a Smoothcomp account, and can add new profiles for each of their children!


All coaches are encouraged to register their academy with smoothcomp!!!  This will ensure that all your students are put under the proper academy and assist with putting them on opposite sites of the brackets.

KIDS DIVISIONS – Merges and Changes

  • All kids will be given a 1lb(or so) weight allowance
  • Kids who are left alone on athlete check day will be automatically merged to the next division

All Parents and Coaches should review the brackets on Athlete Check Deck

If the young athelete is alone in their division there are three options:

  • Cancel the registration for a free coupon for a future tournament registration
  • Update their entry and move them to a different division (move them up in weight, skill or age)
  • Leave them as-is, they will be merged to the nearest division *if available*

If the kids are left alone, that means there was not any potential merges available. If you see one you are comfortable moving the athlete you, you can email us by Friday May 10th at 5PM deadline.