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Feedback welcomed!

As we continue to grow and improve, we are always looking for more feedback.

What do you think of the new registration site and process so far?

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Worried if there will  be enough people in your division or the division for your child?

We work extremely hard to ensure that we provide the best divisions and brackets for all of our athletes.  Here’s how:


  • We group all of the kids by age, weight, experience and gender when possible.  This can be sometimes very challenging but we do our best to ensure the most fair brackets.
  • We try our best to have boys and girls in their own divisions.
  • When we have to move a young competitor with others who may be older, bigger or more experienced we like to reach out to the parent and coach to let them know.  If at any time they feel unconformable we try and work out a solution.  If we can’t, we will refund the registration as a last resort.


  • The BEST way to get people in your division is to register EARLY.  We can’t reinforce this enough!  We post the registered athletes weeks in advance which helps promote others to register with you!
  • We do out best to provide divisions based each belt when we can.  If there are enough blue belts, they will have their own.  If there are enough purple belts, they will have their own division, etc. etc.
  • Advance belts especially are always concerned if they will have someone to compete against.      If there is no one in your division by the Athlete Correction Date (Nov 10) and you do not want to change divisions we will refund your registration upon request.

All changes to your divisions can be made up until November 10, 2016

All athletes can compete in higher weight and experience divisions if they choose.

Please contact us if you have questions.

Early registrations!

We encourage everyone to register as early as possible, especially advance belts or smaller weight divisions who are concerned if they will have anyone to fight.


  1. Save yourself $10 on your registration.
  2. It will encourage other competitors to compete knowing you are.
  3. If you get injured leading up to the tournament we will refund your fees. (if requested before athlete correction date)
  4. If there is less than 3 in your division and you do not want to be moved into a higher division we will contact you and see if we can find a division that works or we will refund your registration fee. (only divisions with less than 3 will be combined with another)


Weight divisions info

As with all of our tournaments, we may have to combine certain weight divisions together if there is less than 4 competitors.

When you register you have the option of choosing your preferred option if we have to do this:

  • All the above

We will do our best to provide the most matches and fair brackets as possible.