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Sponsor and Vendors wanted!

We are still hoping to finalize a few more local sponsors to increase our prizes for our new absolute divisions with 100% going in to make these prizes even bigger and better. If you would like to or know a business that might, please send me a message.

Also looking for a food vendor/truck for both days. We’ll have over 600 people in through the event and plenty of hungry ones.

Please contact us:


New Absolute Divisions!

We are excited to offer new absolute divisions at the start of the day!

A true test for the best of all sizes and experiences to test themselves.

Absolute divisions will be open to -everyone-, all experience all weights.  You must register for the absolute divisions in advance.

$20 to register be absolute division  (ex:  $70 for adult registration + $20 for absolute GI + $20 NOGI absolute).

You can register for GI, NOGI or BOTH for the same fee as long as you register at the same time.

We are working to put together some great prize packages for the winners.

There will be both Men and Women’s GI and NOGI absolutes!


New Referees Wanted!

We are always looking to expand our referee pool in 2018!

If you are a purple belt and up and would like to referee, email us to join our mentor-ship program.  We will teach you the rules and how to referee.  During the tournament you’ll be partnered with an experienced ref who will be at your mat with you during your matches.  We will help with any issues and provide feedback after.

Being a referee is a hard job, but without them we wouldn’t have a tournament.

We pay all of our referees for their work!

email us today:

Manitoba Open returns May 26 & 27 2018

We will be back May 26 and May 27 for a two day event!

Adults will be on Saturday May 26 930-430

Kids will be on Sunday 10-1

We have simply outgrown a single day event.  However we hope this will allow us to schedule proper absolute divisions for the adults and more round robin brackets for the kids!

Save the date:  May 26/27!!!

details out soon.

MB Open Rules Clinc #2

We will be hosting our second rules clinic Saturday Nov 4th at 230PM.

We invite all athletes, coaches, parents to come by for brief seminar of our Manitoba Open Rulebook.

– Rulebook Overview
– Outline minor revisions
– Point System Used
– Submissions and Illegal moves
– Examples of various scenarios.
– Q & A

Facebook event:

Note: For all kids divisions 12 and under our referees will stop the match when -any- submission is locked in place.

This is not a new rule, but we are re-enforcing it.  We understand the desire to win at all costs, however we believe in the safety of the competitors always comes first. There is no exception to this rule.

Note:  New rule: Any athlete who happens to go unconscious (due to choke, etc.)  will no longer be able to compete for the remainder of the event.   Again, athlete safety is our number one priority.