80% FULL

Registrations are officially at (updated) 85% capacity. If you are registered but have not paid your registration is not complete.

If you wish to compete in the 2022 Fall Manitoba Open please register ASAP! We will likely hit capacity by the end of the week.

No registrations will be accepted once we hit capacity.

If you are interested in volunteering please fill out the volunteer form in our story.

We appreciate your support.

FALL 2019 – November 9 & 10!

MB Open returns Saturday and Sunday November 9th and 10th.


Adults on the 9th

Kids on the 10th

Featuring MASTERS divisions!

Competitors 35 and over can register for the Masters divisions for FREE!  We want to showcase the older competitors this year!

More details to come.


MB Open Spring 2019 is here!

Here we go!

The initial brackets and schedule are up:

* There are a handful of kids who I was not able to place. Please have a look. If you are the parent or coach, please let me know if you see another division you are ok to move them UP to. Otherwise I will refund all fees.

Schedule: We will be starting at 9AM Sharp!

Be ready for your division 30 mins before your first match!

The schedule is update LIVE as the day goes. Use your phone and look at the website. Your matches are shown when you log in, and you can always search the schedule for your fight schedule

Other things:
* Adults – If you dont make weight, you will be DQd. (this is a long standing rule, we expect you do be adults and register properly)
* Kids – we have some weight allowance only. We will address any large discrepancies on a case by case basis.
* If you need to pull out or not able to continue to compete, please let me know! (this happens a lot of for some who do GI, but decide not to do NOGI).
* Please use the TV schedules to find out when you are up, and head to that mat when it says you are on deck!

We have a long day Saturday and want to keep everything going smooth!